Legal Notes

Legal Notice

User's Agreement for B2B Bank Online Banking Services

In using B2B Bank Online Banking Services offered by B2B Bank, we agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Definitions.

    "access number" refers to the confidential access number given to me when I subscribed to these services and which I must use to access said services;
    "Bank" refers to B2B Bank;
    "bill" refers to any eligible bill that I have chosen to pay by way of the services;
    "billing company" refers to a company which is participating in these services and to which, as I have indicated to the Bank, I wish to pay my bills by means of these services;
    "Customer Service" refers to the Bank's call centre providing the services;
    "password" refers to the confidential password I was given the first time I used one of these services and that I must modify when using one of these services for the first time;
    "services" refers to all of the services provided from time to time through B2B Bank Online;
    "transaction" refers to any transaction allowed by the Bank in the context of these services;
    "User's Agreement" means the User's Agreement for B2B Bank Online Banking Services.

  2. Subscription.

    By subscribing to these services, I have access to B2B Bank Online Banking Services to carry out certain banking transactions via a computer network using a confidential access number and password.

  3. Communication.

    I hereby designate the B2B Bank Online Banking Services portal, the email address associated with my profile in B2B Bank Online Banking Services, and epost, as the communication means for receiving electronic documents.

    1. I agree to receive electronically the following notices and information regarding my products held with the Bank or products which I may hold in the future, including but without limitation, a line of credit, credit card, personal loan, mortgage and personal account:
      1. Statements;
      2. Modifications to the User's Agreement and product terms and conditions;
      3. Annual notice; and
      4. Notice of change regarding charges or interest rates.
    2. You may also receive other electronic documents, including notices or information that the Bank is required to provide by law as well as secured and non-secured messages from our Customer Service department.
    3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for advising the Bank by phone at 1 866 334-4434 or in My Profile section in B2B Bank Online Banking Services, of any change, including but without limitation, to my address, phone number and email.
    4. At any time, I may cease to receive documents electronically by informing the Bank:
      1. by phone at 1 866 334-4434; or
      2. online via the secured messaging service of B2B Bank Online Banking Services.
    5. Documents will be available in either the B2B Bank Online Banking Services portal or epost for a maximum period of 7 years and I am responsible for printing and keeping copies of these records.
    6. By clicking "I agree" while registering, I thereby accept the terms and conditions herein. My consent shall take effect at such time.
    7. The Bank reserves the right to send me documents in paper form should it be unable to send them electronically, if the Bank has reason to believe I may not have received said documents, or in any other circumstance where the Bank feels it is appropriate to do so.
  4. Usage.

    I shall use the services in accordance with the User's Agreement, the Legal Notice below and any other contract with the Bank governing such use, all of which may be amended by the Bank from time to time. My registration to and use of the services shall constitute acceptance of the User's Agreement.

  5. Operation.

    Any transaction completed by means of the services shall be processed by the Bank as per the terms and conditions described in the User's Agreement.

  6. Unauthorized payments.

    In using the services, I cannot pay bills or transfer funds between two (2) accounts in an amount which would exceed the balance remaining in the account from which the funds would be debited or which would exceed the overdraft limit permitted for said account.

  7. Confidentiality.

    In order to access these services, I must use my access number and my password. I agree to keep my access number and password confidential. I agree to employ reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of my access number and password. Specifically, I must not act in a negligent manner by, for example, disclosing my access number or password to another person, writing it down on easily accessible documents, using as a password any personal information or that of a friend or family member (such as a birth date, name, telephone number, home address), using a PIN number already in use or a bank card number or account number. I agree to inform the Bank as soon as the confidentiality of my access number or password has been compromised or if I suspect that it is known by a third party. I can notify the Bank by telephone by contacting Customer Service and the notice shall take effect immediately. In such case, I also agree to take the necessary measures to change my access number and/or password according to the instructions received from the Bank.

  8. Consent to transactions.

    I acknowledge and agree that any transaction carried out using my access number and password is carried out with my consent, as if the transaction was authorized in writing, and as such, requires no further verification by the Bank. However, the Bank reserves the right to verify and authorize or refuse any transaction if it considers such action necessary. Furthermore, I agree that the transactions carried out using my access number and password, whether they are carried out by myself or a third party, with or without my consent or knowledge, are binding upon me and render me responsible to the Bank for any transaction that occurred prior to my advising the Bank of a breach of confidentiality of my access number and/or password.

  9. Statements.

    Statements and records prepared by the Bank, as well as recordings made by the Bank in connection with transactions carried out by means of these services, shall be evidence of the transactions.

  10. Fees.

    I agree to pay the Bank fees for these services, as set out in the product fee schedule as amended from time to time, and I authorize the Bank to collect these fees from the account used or from any other account I have selected.

  11. Recording.

    The Bank may record any telephone conversation I conduct with a Customer Service employee.

  12. Disclaimer.

    The Bank offers no guarantee regarding B2B Bank Online Banking Services and cannot be held liable for any acts or omissions that occur online or on the part of an Internet Service Provider. I shall not hold the Bank liable with respect to delays, damages or inconveniences caused by the failure or malfunction of these services or by my inability to access said services. I shall settle directly with a billing company any claim or dispute related to a transaction. The Bank shall not be liable for the failure of a billing company to register the payment of any bill which I have made by means of these services, nor shall it be liable for any extra costs, including interest penalties or late fees, charged by a billing company.

    The Bank shall not be held liable by myself or a third party for any damages whatsoever (including without limitation direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, losses or expenses) that could result from the use of these services, the inability to use these services, any defects in performance, errors, omissions, interruptions, delays in operations or transmissions, computer viruses, failure or breakdown of systems or lines, loss of data, unauthorized use or reproduction of the site or information therein or otherwise, even if the Bank or its representatives are informed of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

  13. Termination of the agreement.

    The Bank may terminate this agreement or the use of these services for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice and without incurring any liability. I may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying Customer Service that I wish to do so.

  14. Conservation of documents and proof.

    The recording of electronic banking transactions on a computer storage medium constitutes conclusive evidence of said transactions and shall be binding upon me in case of any dispute or legal proceeding with the Bank.

  15. Modifications.

    The Bank may, at any time, modify this agreement or its applicable fees by sending me a written notice with my regular account statement or by sending me a written notice to my B2B Bank Online Banking Services account or the email address associated with that account, as referred to in section 3 of the User's Agreement. Any such modifications shall take effect thirty (30) days after the notice is sent to me. The use of these services following the modifications constitutes my consent to said modifications.

  16. Other agreements.

    All other conditions stipulated in other agreements in effect between myself and the Bank or in the Legal Notice below, remain in effect and apply along with the User’s Agreement. However, in case of differences between the User’s Agreement and the other agreements or the Legal Notice below, the User’s Agreement shall take precedence.

  17. Service providers.

    I acknowledge and agree that the Bank may use service providers to render the services. I consent to the Bank disclosing or sharing information, including my personal information, to or with such service providers, as may be required to render the services.

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